Look Laid-Back Beautiful With Creamy Color

I fancy myself a low-maintence kind of gal, even though most of my friends would laugh at the notion. I really do try to keep things uncomplicated-emphasis on the trying. (Success has eluded me.) But one area where I've achieved at least some semblance of simplicity is in my makeup routine.

My fondness for multitasking makeup led me to rms beauty and their lip2cheek blush and lip tint.

This little pot of creamy color looks fresh and youthful, partly because it's so hydrating. In fact, its ingredients read more like those of a moisturizer, with organic components like shea butter, jojoba, argan oil, rosemary and a host of minerals.

This has become my go-to product for getting ready in a flash on the weekend. I especially love the peachy smile shade (center), which wakes up my fair complexion and has people thinking I'm really easygoing. (Those fools!)