Healthier Hair From An Italian Miracle Mud

Most of us do what we can do keep dirt out of our hair, but Oscar Blandi's Marine Mud Treatment will have you thinking about muck and mire in a whole new way.

Also called Trattamento al Fango, this surprisingly scrumptious-smelling treatment contains the titular fango, an Italian mud that has been used for ages as a remedy for bodily aches. But on hair, Oscar Blandi has found it can heal damage and seal in moisture.

This creamy, strengthening hair-caregiver also contains a therapeutic blend of wheat protein, algae, arnica, yarrow, kelp, rosemary and various minerals; and its willow bark and tea tree oil provide a purifying boost.

So while you may not want to roll around in everyday sludge any time soon, a few minutes of this anything-but-grimy remedy will have you swearing by mud from now on.