A Dreamy Cream For A Silky Body

Antipodes Jubilation Ultra Nourishing Body Cream feels so good, you'll want to fill an entire tub with it and jump in. In fact, you'll feel that way just upon your first glance at this creamy, natural, custard-like goodness. When I first opened the jar, I wanted to eat it (and so did my husband)!

The good news is, if you do decide to roll around in this stuff all day, it's really great for your skin, and you'll truly feel the benefits. It's super-rich in avocado oil, which gives skin countless rewards: softening, moisturizing, anti-aging, and even helping to heal sun damage.

Also included in this amazing cream is anti-inflammatory black currant seed oil, which increases skin elasticity and is rich in fatty acids. By nourishing the skin's tissues, it prevents premature aging. Your skin will drink in the essential omegas 3, 6 and 9, and get a boost of vitamins A, C, and E upon applying.

I feel like silk when I wear this cream! And to top it off, it's so rich that it even makes my tattoos look vibrant and new.