How Men Can Measure Hair Loss

It may not seem scientific, but combing and counting hairs may actually be an accurate way for men to determine if they are headed towards hair loss.

Houston researchers developed a simple, 60-second method that they tested on two groups of men, ages 20 to 40 and 41 to 60, with no sign of baldness. After washing their hair with the same shampoo for three mornings, they all used the same kind of comb for the next three days, before washing, to comb their hair forward over a pillowcase or towel and count the hairs.

Both groups of healthy-headed men lost an average of 10 hairs per 60-second session. Because of repeated results and verification, researchers believe this can be used as a standard for men who are concerned about their own hair loss.

As for women, the researchers have yet to develop a reliable test to measure healthy daily hair loss.