A Self-Tanner For The Streak-Fearing

I have a fear of heights. I'm also scared that one day I'll lose my teeth, or maybe my purse. But what I really fear the most? Self-tanner.

Self-tanner that you do at home is not for the inept nor the inexperienced, and I find myself in both categories. Over the years, I've heard all these conflicting theories about self-tanner (exfoliate before, moisturize after, shave before, shave after, etc., etc., etc.), and invariably, I wind up a blotchy, streaky, tangerine mess and occasionally pine for the simplicity of a tanning salon (even though I know better and would never set foot in one). I. No. Longer. Know. What. To. Do.

But I couldn't look my wintry, wan complexion in the eye anymore, so I bit the bullet and tried Xen-Tan Face Tanner. First, I washed my face, but did not moisturize or exfoliate (as a control method). The color of the lotion out of the tube is super-dark, like mud, but do not be deterred. And unlike many self-tanners, it doesn't smell like a coconut that's been sitting in a gym locker-it actually has a nice vanilla scent.

Xen-Tan Face Tanner also has a bronzer in it, so you get a hit of color before it even kicks in. The instant color also helps with the application-when I caught sight of a big brown blotch on my cheek, I knew I'd applied too much product in that area.

Throwing caution to the wind (and for consistency's sake), I also applied it to my neck and decolletage. It only takes three hours to develop, which is not a lot of time, but waiting to see how my face was coming along was sort of giving me a panic attack. No worries, though! Once I got a good look, the color was naturally deep-like I'd been in Cancun for a week. And it was streak-free all over. Seriously.

I think I've just about conquered this fear.