The Secrets Of Shiny Hair

Shiny hair is a sign of healthy hair. Shine-inducing products, which usually contain silicone, can create mirror-like strands, but truly shiny hair starts at the root.

Product buildup can cause hair to become dull and flat. Many shampoos and conditioners are loaded with ingredients like alcohol SD-40, parabens and sulfates that can strip hair. Even though these ingredients make your hair feel soft, they act as a wax.

While most stylists say to avoid washing your hair every day-since it can remove essential natural oils-experts advise rinsing your hair for at least five minutes while massaging the scalp on the days that you forgo shampoo.

Constant brushing and styling can also rob hair of its natural oils, so a boar-hair-bristled brush is best since it will help to redistribute oils and boost shine naturally.