My Go-To Lotion For Frizz-Free Hair

I've always found it inordinately annoying to fight frizz by using one product on damp hair and a separate product on dry hair. But because my hair is truly unruly, I've accepted this routine, even when it hasn't really worked. At least I did, until I started using a time- and life-saving Rene Furterer product.

Myrrhea Anti-Frizz No Rinse Silkening Fluid is a light lotion that you apply on towel-dried hair to prevent it from looking like a rat's nest. I typically let my hair air-dry, but its filmogenic complex lets blow-dry addicts do their thing with extra protection. Once my hair is dry, I spread in the recommended additional dab, filled with myrrh and avocado oil for superior smoothness and humidity resistance.

I honestly can't remember a pair of products that worked as well to stop frizz as this single one does! I'll never do two again.