A Nighttime Balm For Better Sleep

Beauty sleep is a alluring concept, but not even the most powerful night cream in the world will get you gorgeous if you're not actually sleeping deeply enough to experience rejuvenation. I, for one, just don't sleep like I used to, and I think it's taking a toll on my appearance. So instead of trying yet another pre-slumber face formula, I recently opted for a different kind of cream.

Night Health Bedtime Balm, new from Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins, is a rich combination of chamomile, lavender and mandarin essential oils (a clinically-proven blend, in fact). I asked my equally sleep-deprived boyfriend to massage it into the recommended acupressure points on my neck and feet-yes, I returned the favor-and inhaled the relaxing yet surprisingly not-overly-woodsy aroma.

Instantly, I felt a little calmer. And when I woke up not-quite-eight hours later, I felt unusually rested and ready to go. The only darkness under my eyes was from the mascara I failed to completely wash off the night before.

Currently, Bedtime Balm is only available in a one-ounce jar, but I'm petitioning to have Origins manufacture 42-gallon barrels.