A Curly Girl's Dream Trio

As a naturally curly 41-year-old lawyer and mother, I am very concerned about my curls being perfect in their irreverence. Frizzy strands just won't do. Weighed down, tired curls are not allowed on my head. I am always looking for the right products to get the right look. The bonus is that when I do, I immediately test my findings on my precious, Shirley-Temple-headed 7-year-old-the one who has had approximately one million people come up to her in the course of her short life and say, “I love your hair!” And then I test my findings on my equally precious 51-year-old love, who has his own head full of curls that I love to run my fingers through.

Just when I stopped looking for The One, DevaCurl walked into my life, and I'm ready to pour everything else down the drain (or use it on my 10-year-old son, who doesn't care if he uses dishwashing detergent in his hair). I'm also ready to install two more faucets in my shower: one that dispenses DevaCurl No-Poo, and one that dispenses DevaCurl One Condition.

No-Poo is phenomenal, but be warned: it does not lather up. But so what? It smells great, it gets my hair clean, and doesn't make me feel like I am loading down my hair with a lot of chemicals and harsh ingredients. We three curlies agree that our hair is really manageable once we've used No-Poo on it.

Then comes One Condition. When I put it under my daughter's nose to get a whiff, she actually pretended to faint because it smelled so good. We have never smelled anything this delicious! And it gets better: when I brushed her hair after using One Condition, it was like brushing silk, where it is normally like brushing dreadlocks. No tears! No wincing! While my curls are looser than hers, I still totally appreciated how soft my hair felt after conditioning with One Condition, and I felt like I smelled absolutely wonderful all day long.

To complete the trifecta, we also discovered DevaCurl's AnGell. To me, styling products are everything. It is so hard to find a styling product that doesn't feel too heavy or too light, doesn't make my curls totally crunchy, doesn't let them droop, and smells wonderful. But AnGell's consistency is just perfect: thick enough to give us hold without making our hair stiff, but it isn't at all thin or watery, which is a useless consistency if you want to define your curls and avoid frizz. It isn't gloppy or gummy, either, which I absolutely hate. It feels good going in, and it works well all day long.

As you can see, I can't say enough great things about DevaCurl! When we use it, the compliments just keep coming, we smell good, and we feel very natural.

Now I just have to talk with my plumber about installing those faucets....