Are You Allergic To Essential Oils?

Essential oils appear in numerous products, offering natural benefits that many people swear by. But recent research has shown that some of the most commonly-used essential oils many produce an allergic response.

According to a Swedish study, lavender oil oxidizes and forms a potent type of allergen called hydroperoxides. Of even greater concern, however, is geraniol oil, the main component in rose oil. This essential oil not only oxidizes, but also reacts with skin enzymes, creating an allergenic compound called geranial either way. Geranial sparks an allergic immune response, and may also act as an irritant, which causes skin inflammation.

This information poses a challenge to skincare manufacturers: even if oxidation can be prevented, can certain essential oils' naturally allergenic complications within skin be controlled?

Until it's possible to restrain these reactions, it's always best to test products with essential oils on a small patch of skin before all-over use.