Bring These In Your Overnight Bag

You know that phase early on in a relationship when you start staying the night at his place, but you're not sure he'd be OK with you leaving a toothbrush in his bathroom yet? Well, if you're tired of lugging a collection full-size toiletries back and forth, it's time for you to meet La Fresh.

We're slightly obsessed and more-than-slightly impressed with their One Day Stay Travel Packets for Her. Inside a clear pouch are six individually-wrapped, pre-moistened towelettes-but they're not plain old hand wipes. There's makeup remover for the face, makeup remover for eyes and lips, a dental finger mitt, body lotion, deodorant, and yes, an antibacterial hand wipe. The $5 set is everything you need for a fresher-than-usual walk of shame, without unnerving a commitment-phobe.

Aside from being subtle and convenient, most of the La Fresh wipes are biodegradable, so you can feel good about using these one-time helper-outers.