Breath Spray... For Your Hair

With so many launching in the last few years, we've become dry shampoo connoisseurs here at NewBeauty. Every staffer has their own favorite, but none of us can deny the utter brilliance that is KMS California HairPlay Makeover Spray.

Like other products in the genre, Makeover Spray lets you go another day without washing your hair by sopping up the excess oil that weighs your 'do down and makes it look mucky. But you may have noticed that when hair looks dirty, it can smell dirty, too-and that's how Makeover Spray transcends other shampoo sprays.

Packed with peppermint and grape extracts, this super-light, matte formula returns hair to a remarkably refreshed state, hiding any hints of cigarettes, garlic, and other less-than-flattering, stick-around smells.