Your Best Bet For Big Hair

Maybe it's a product of living through the '80s, or a measure of my New Jersey roots, but there's something about a head full of big, voluminous hair that excites me. Something that makes it worth all that tireless teasing and fluffing before I walk out the door. And by all accounts, Elizabeth Taylor is inclined to agree. I think it was Ms. Taylor who once said big eyes and big hair make everything else look delicate. And who am I to shun beauty advice from a woman who's snagged a husband or two, or seven, along the way?

In any case, as fellow admirers of big hair everywhere will tell you, it's not easy to keep a sky-high look inflated all day. There's humidity and wind to contend with, and of course, gravity. But the good folks over at Sexy Hair created their Big product line in a direct attempt, I'm pretty sure, to keep me very happy. I've been hooked on their Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray for years.

Not only does it give me more lift than anything I've ever used, cutting the time I used to devote to hair fussing nearly in half, but it's never sticky or dull. And it's humidity-resistant to boot!

So, times may change, but thanks to Big Sexy Hair, my 'do is here to stay. Just don't sit behind me at the movies.