High-End Hand Sanitizer

Let's talk about hand sanitizer. Not exactly a beauty product, right? And even if you're lenient enough to squeeze it into that category, you'd be hard-pressed to admit it's luxurious.

So when Frais Hand Sanitizer was brought to our attention, we were (almost) speechless-this might be the first hand sanitizer we'd consider an elegant skincare product.

Here's why. First of all, the germ-killing alcohol is made from high-grade, eco-friendly sugarcane. But instead of leaving hands dry, Frais includes eight natural essential oils (ginger, tangerine, lemon myrtle, orange, basil, grapefruit, cardamom, and Australian niaouli) to moisturize and provide an uplifting scent.

We think "hand sanitizer" may be too pedestrian for Frais. Perhaps "purifying and moisturizing hand treatment" would be a better fit.

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