A Low-Effort, High-Impact Cleanser

I need to dispel a myth. You may imagine that beauty editors have intricate, exemplary skincare routines to which they scrupulously heed every day and night. Well, the former is true, but the latter-not so much. Even though I have an impressive array of products around my sink, lined up in order of how they should be used, sometimes I'm just too tired to go through the motions before bed. The thought of pulling back my hair, putting on a headband, wetting my face, lathering and rinsing-just to get clean skin-is almost nauseating after some long days.

In my search for the ultimate lazy-person cleanser, I found Avene Micellar Lotion. Mind you, this isn't a lotion in the creamy, American sense. It's a clear liquid that looks and feels more like a toner-but it is, indeed, a cleanser and makeup remover, and an effective one at that. It has a high thermal spring water content, and its encapsulated ingredients, which release upon skin contact, include nothing synthetic.

Avene is known for sensitive-skin formulas, and this pH-balanced one is just as gentle as the rest, even though it removes impurities in a single swipe of a cotton ball. The pleasant scent is non-irritating, too. So if I'm actually motivated to complete my routine, my skin is calm and ready to accept any subsequent products.