Does Your Hairstylist Risk His Life For Your Look?

Hairstyling may seem like a glamorous career, but it comes with a considerable danger-and we don't mean a slip of the scissors. According to the World Health Organization, hairdressers and barbers face an increased risk of cancer.

The chemicals and dyes hairstylists work with so frequently may have a carcinogenic effect, especially in male stylists, who are up to 60% more likely than the general population to be diagnosed with bladder cancer. Ovarian cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma appear more widespread in female stylists than in non-stylists.

Studies have also shown that both male and female hairstylists have a 30% higher risk for lung cancer. However, WHO notes that this could be due to many stylists being smokers.

Next time you're at the salon for a cut or color, you may want to thank your stylist for facing such scary odds to make you look good!