Look—And Feel—More Beautiful

Beverly Hills dermatologist Debra B. Luftman, MD, and South Beach psychiatrist Eva C. Ritvo, MD, have teamed up to relay how inner and outer beauty go hand-in-hand, shaping how one feels, looks and acts, in their new book, The Beauty Prescription. It starts off with an instant self-esteem boost, explaining how others view us as 20% better looking than we see ourselves. The same confidence-enhancing tone is upheld throughout the entire book, inspiring readers with motivating quotations, beauty tips and an insider’s buyers guide. This must-have beauty staple helps contribute to a more positive image, both inside and out. Be on the lookout for catchy passages, real-life clinical examples, insight from your favorite celebrities, an information-packed resource guide and summarized bullet points. And make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to meet Dr. Luftman at her exclusive book signing, Saturday, September 13, 2008 from 4 to 6 pm at Fred Segal, 8118 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.