Stick With This Callus Cure

Calluses are easy to ignore until you're suddenly spending a lot of close-up time with someone. Then, it's easy to worry about the unfeminine look and feel of rough lumps on your feet and hands.

Of all the solutions out there, we're especially fond of blinc's new resurf.a.stic callus. The groundbreaking mascara makers have formulated this unique stick to exfoliate and moisturize simultaneously, thanks to medical-grade microdermabrasion crystals embedded in the non-messy base of lubricants. Ingredients like aloe, chamomile, cucumber, green tea, vitamin E, and a special component called SymCalmin prevent the irritation you might typically experience with physical exfoliation.

The stick form allows to you focus right on the callus-knees and elbows make good targets, too. Even better, resurf.a.stic comes in three other focused formulas: body, face and ingrown.