Enhance An Already-Amazing Cream

The many devotees of Creme de La Mer believe it couldn't possibly get any better. And rightfully so-it has earned its following with that mysteriously skin-transforming "Miracle Broth" blend. But we have news for those diehard fans: it can get better.

La Mer has offers the Hydrating Infusion, a pre-Creme serum that perfectly prepares your skin for the legendary moisturizer.

The super-light potion features a combination of tourmaline, vitamins, minerals, and hydrating enzymes that interacts with an exclusive component La Mer calls "Deconstructed Waters" to instantly boost hydration to the ideal level for receiving Creme de La Mer.

The formula softens, smoothes and firms, offering protection against moisture loss. So even though the Hydrating Infusion exists to supplement Creme de la Mer, it offers enough benefits to stand proudly on its own.