A Serum For Spectacular Lashes

It's been a while seen we've told you about an eyelash-lengthening formula, but this isn't an eyelash-lengthening formula. It's a lengthening, thickening, darkening, strengthening, conditioning, growing-from-scratch formula!

Renew Eyelash Revitalizer is a serum (in mascara-like packaging) that uses all natural ingredients-fennel, horsetail, nettle, soy protein, and jaborandi to name a few-to make over your lashes in a big way. In addition to simply fortifying them, Renew works to make your lashes fuller, longer and even darker. And we were especially intrigued by maker Rozge's claim that it can even help remedy missing lashes.

Some users notice better lashes in as little as a month, but you should keep on applying it for up to three months before you really see a difference.