A Healthier, Handsomer Him

Books about men's health are a dime a dozen, but there are so few truly valuable resources on the kind of male well-being that radiates outward in a way that everyone notices-the kind of health that leads to unwavering self-confidence. And we can't think of a better Father's Day present than that.

It's givable thanks to one our favorite “beauty” books, Mantalk. We first told you about this award-winning men's guide last year, and it has remained one our top guy gifts. New York City plastic surgeon Elliot Jacobs, MD, has assembled image advice from those who know: famous dermatologists, celebrated dentists, iconic hairstylists and more.

Mantalk can help any guy go from reluctant grooming to full-on personal-care enthusiasm, commitment and success. But it isn't just about polishing the surface. This book is also a source of crucial information on preventative care, so he's not just looking better-he's living longer.