Moisturizing Mousse For A Radiant Body

You may not expect a drugstore beauty brand to be innovative, but I've learned to not assume that about Olay. They keep surprising me with out-of-the-ordinary ideas, like their new Quench Mousse.

This body moisturizer is exactly what the name implies: a fluffy alternative to lotion that you could easily mistake for a hair product. In fact, when it landed on my desk, I immediately went around the office telling co-workers to put out their arm so they could try a new moisturizer, and many wondered why I was trying to style their arm hair. But when I explained that it's actually a super-light skin formula, they all marveled at the ingenuity.

Rubbing it in leads to a great glow and relief for even the driest skin. The delightfully sheer moisture of the version I tried, Active Hydration (there's also Ultra Moisturize), delivers the benefits of green tea, ginseng, vitamins and minerals all day long. And the delicate scent was a hit with everyone I "moussed."

It's especially effective right after bathing, but remember not to use too much-its says right on the can that "a little goes a long way."