A Cleanser Disguised As A Face Cream

At first glance, Vie Cleansing Cream looks like a rich moisturizer with a typo on the jar. Most cleansers aren't packaged like this, but then, most cleansers don't feel like this, either.

When you scoop out some of the velvety cream, it's still hard to believe you're not supposed to blend this into your skin and leave it there. Like other cleansers, you massage it all over your face to do away with dirt and whatnot; but it's unlike other cleansers in ways far more beneficial than its unique texture alone.

Cleansing Cream is incredibly soothing and hydrating, and its proprietary ingredients are focused on anti-aging actions. In addition to fighting free radicals, they boost your skin's endorphin, elastin and collagen production-which sounds suspiciously like the face creams it resembles so much.

But ultimately and definitely, it's a cleanser, as proven by the freshness you're left with after rinsing it off.