Sonya Dakar's Body Of Work

Any new product bearing the Sonya Dakar logo is an automatic must-try in my book (and the book of many a celebrity), so naturally, I couldn't wait to try BODY by Sonya Dakar, a new group of products specifically designed for-you guessed it-your body.

In accordance with the brand's belief in “Total Skin Fitness,” the BODY line is formulated with the type of superior ingredients you'd normally reserve for your face. Dakar is known for using flaxseed oil in her products, and these are no exception. Each product contains a nourishing organic omega-3 complex that's ultra-moisturizing, healing and all-around amazing for your skin.

I especially love the Triple Action Vita-Foliant, a scrub that's truly the stuff super sloughers are made of. Not the least bit greasy, this exfoliator uses a grainy mixture of crushed bamboo, walnut shell and lactic acid to resurface skin without leaving behind any residue. Trust me, after even one use your skin will be noticeably softer, smoother and glow-y-a true sign that it's doing its job.