Skip A Step Every Morning

You're washing your face every morning and applying sunscreen before you step outside, so why not add a two-in-one cleanser with SPF to your morning mix? Freeze 24-7 was the first to offer this kind of multitasking marvel, and now St. Ives has introduced Protective Cleanser, a wallet-friendly alternative you can get at your corner drugstore.

This SPF 10 source works because it's encapsulated in a positively-charged silica shell that sticks to the negatively-charged skin, so when the cleanser is rinsed off, the sun protection stays. In addition to protecting against 90% of UVB rays, Protective Cleanser also contains antioxidant vitamin E.

But don't think this cleanser is going to take the place of regular sunscreen, especially when it comes to spending extended periods of time outside. For maximum protection from aging UVA rays when you'll be outside for a while, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen before walking out the door.