Skin-Attentive Sun Care

So my husband and I recently started taking tennis lessons, and even though we're out on the court by 9, I noticed that we were still getting a little burnt by the time we head home at 11. Since even a little too much sun is bad, I make a note to put on sunscreen before we head out, but I'm always worried that a straight-up sunscreen will bring on a break out. That's why we've started using Hampton Sun SPF 15 Super Hydrating Face Cream.

It's oil-free so neither of us have to worry about pimples, and it contains broad-spectrum SPF 15, plus a slew of vitamins and botanicals that reduce redness, help with that morning puffiness, and protect our thirty-something skin from looking like it's forty-something. (But don't tell my husband-he just thinks it's sunscreen.)