A Lesser-Known Type Of Postmenopausal Bone Loss

In recent years, women have become increasingly aware of the threat osteoporosis poses as they age. However, there is another kind of bone loss many haven't considered.

A study from the State University of New York at Buffalo shows that postmenopausal women with periodontal bacteria are most likely to experience oral bone loss. The study obtained plaque samples from nearly 1200 women between ages 53 and 83 to evaluate the presence of eight subgingival bacteria species, including periodontal pathogens. Dental radiographs were also used to measure the association between oral bone loss and bacterial infection.

The researchers found that women who were infected with four of the major periodontal bacteria species were more likely to have oral bone loss than those who were not infected with the bacteria.

Meticulous dental care is the best way to protect yourself from periodontal bacteria, so be sure to practice excellent dental hygiene and see your dentist regularly.