Natural Highlights In A Bottle

I'll admit it, I made a hair mistake. I decided I wanted to go dark-Eva Longoria dark-but the color of the model's hair on the box, a beautiful deep chocolate brown, didn't exactly come out the same on me. My hair was almost black, and it completely washed me out (not to mention that I had a horrible reaction to the dye, which, when I made an emergency visit to the doctor with my swollen face and rash-covered body just 48 hours after coloring my hair, was diagnosed as contact dermatitis). I longed for my golden brown locks again, but I was scared to do anything chemical-based, for fear that my hair would become dry, damaged and break off, or that I would experience another allergic reaction.

After repeatedly washing my hair with a dandruff shampoo and dishwashing detergent to strip away the dark color (it worked) my strands were now ready for just the slightest boost of color. Tempted to head to the salon, I had to restrain myself, Instead, I decided to give Klorane Camomile Golden Glints Spray a whirl. It had been sitting in my "hair cubby" for months, and now I had the perfect opportunity to test it out.

Lo and behold, this stuff worked! Designed for fair or light brown hair, my highlights were naturally boosted. I religiously sprayed the all-natural concoction on my hair right after the shower, and in about two weeks, I was able to see a major difference. Now, my hair glistens and gleams and has the most natural-looking highlights I've ever seen!