A Little Mountain Magic For Your Skin

It's pretty easy to spark our interest. Just launch a new skin-care line centered around a special, never-before-used ingredient, and you've got our attention. Such is the case with the unique INA Crystals. Aside from the curiosity-sparking acronym in the brand name (INA stands for Inner Nutritional Alchemy), the Himalayan white gold crystal salt in every single product made the range nearly impossible to resist.

We looked into the White Gold Purifying Face Mask first. Even if it didn't have that intriguing Asian mountain treasure, it would still be an impressive formula thanks to proven skin-fresheners like kaolin clay, moringa seed extract, and essential oils from basil, fennel and juniper.

The mineral combo created from these makes an awesome detoxifier. Less than 20 minutes after you apply it, you've got supremely clean, pH-balanced skin. Even skin that doesn't seem polluted reaches a new level of clarity.