East Meets West In An Amazing Organic Beauty Brand

If you're committed to making your skincare regimen more organic, you need to know about a burgeoning brand that can help you reach that goal.

Yuvalla, named for its founders Yuval and Alla, is a company with a mission to holistically marry eastern and western philosophies. A portion of the spiritually-guided business is their skincare spin-off L'uvalla, offering an abundance of certified organic products that we immediately fell in love with.

One of our favorites is their Hydrating Milk Cleanser. You can smell the sweet combination of completely natural ingredients-like sunflower seed oil, lotus, passionflower, ginseng-even before peeling off the safety seal. But those ingredients do a lot more than just smell good. They have natural anti-aging benefits and do a super job softening skin.

In addition to promoting balance in their lifestyles and products, the L'uvalla folks believe in total openness about their ingredients. Because of this, they have a great feature on their website that lets you drag your mouse over each element so you can see exactly why it's in your chosen product.

We love how they're not only a very aware company, but they're eager to share their awareness with all of their customers.