Blended Ethnicities And Aging Expectations

While the physical aging tendencies of specific ethnicities are relatively predictable, defining the aging patterns and other aesthetic issues among women with blended ethnicities is not as simple as black and white.

When it comes to those with mixed ethnic origins, skin color and the combination of features a person may be born with is truly a game of chance. For example, while blue and green eyes are recessive and brown is dominant, skin color and facial features are subject no definitive genetic rules.

Determining how you will age and the best way to treat aging concerns essentially requires looking at two key factors:
1. Your skin's ethnic dominance and whether you fall on the fair or dark side of the spectrum for your ethnicities. (Though a true blending of color is most likely.)
2. Your bone structure and key facial features, such as the angle of your nose, which indicate the ethnicity you most closely match. (Asian features tend to dominate, although there are no hard and fast rules.)

Keep in mind that, regardless of one's ethnic combination, lifestyle plays a major role in how anyone ages.