A Rich, Rainforest-Inspired Lotion

Malie Kauai's phenomenal Koke'e Organic Body Cream is named for Hawaii's Koke'e State Park, a natural treasure featuring miles of rainforest filled with native flora and fauna. It's an obvious inspiration for the lush but entirely wearable fragrance of this light yet luxurious body treat.

The cream contains some of Malie's favorite ingredients, such as awapuhi ginger, aloe, chamomile and oils from coconut, macadamia and kukui nut. For a lotion so luscious, it absorbs remarkably well, leaving skin soft and aromatherapeutically enriched.

Your skin and well-being aren't the only things that benefit from Koke'e Organic Body Cream. In addition to supporting the Koke'e Resource Conversation Program, 70% of the cream's ingredients are produced by certified organic farming techniques, giving the environment as much care are your body.