No More Nail Nibbling

The women can't remember the last time they got a manicure. The men hide their hands in their pockets. But now, an enterprising Dutchman says he's created the solution to a familiar form of obsessive compulsive disorder that causes cosmetic embarrassment and even pain.

"In four weeks, nail biting can be over-and over forever," Alain-Raymond van Abbe, a Dutch marketing expert with health industry experience, told the Associated Press. He estimates that his solution could help over 600 million pathological nail biters worldwide.

Van Abbe's solution is a molded, barely-visible guard worn on either the top or bottom teeth. The guard makes it impossible to bite.

"After four weeks, the impulse disturbance is so frustrated that it is controlled,” van Abbe explains.

Now, two years after beginning the device's development, he has opened a clinic in Holland, near Germany's border. And it's not just for those getting initial treatment; van Abbe has installed manicurists' chairs for those who have recovered enough to get a little pampering.