An Irresistibly Versatile Balm

Warning: If you're not prepared to get addicted to a new product, stop reading now.

Still with us? Good-you won't regret finding out about our new favorite, all-natural must-have. Pürminerals' new Pür Balm is a truly essential item. This citrusy balm is meant for much more than just dry lips. It's made for any part of you that can get dehydrated: cuticles, elbows, split ends, heels, that weird spot where your cheeks meet your nose-you name it.

It looks so simple, but it's packed with the most moisturizing natural ingredients: shea butter, olive oil, sweet almond oil, apricot oil, soybean oil-just to name a few. The best of fruits like tangerine, orange and cranberry make you soft and sweetly scented.

It comes in a purse-perfect tin-we swear, you'll want one for each you might carry.