Nightly Repairing Cream For Daily Damage

I am so thankful that [ comfort zone ] renight recover cream landed on my desk. I've been on the lookout for a new night cream, and because I don't go to spas nearly as often as I should (read: never), I may not have found this fabulous brand and product otherwise.

With my 28-year-old skin, I don't necessarily want my night product to promise gigantic wrinkle-reducing miracles-I want it to prevent damage and correct any that occurred during the day. That's exactly what renight does. This nourishing cream is the ultimate antioxidant source, repairing the ways your skin has become compromised by environmental damage and stress. Culinarily familiar ingredients like canola oil, black currant and orange peel make an outstanding rejuvenating team.

My recommendation: don't limit renight's rectifying power to your face. Share it with your neck and decollete, too.