A Flirtatious Firming Formula

We can't talk about most of Booty Parlor's ultra-sexy products without blushing-take a look at their website's awe-inspiring Toys section when there are no kids or coworkers around-but we're not embarrassed to gush over their fabulous beauty and body-care products. Our multitalented favorite: Flirty Little Secret Firming Cream with Pheromones.

This softly shimmering, delicately fruity cream makes you more alluring in two different ways. First, a trio of firming complexes tones you all over, bust to thighs and everything in between, even smoothing out the appearance of cellulite. As it works, libido-revving pheromones send a subtle signal to the men around you that you're worthy of a little romance.

And if the resulting flirtation leads to something...ahem...more, you can feel confident that your figure's looking its finest.