Would You Like Some Wine With Your Toner?

A few months ago, we told you how excited we were about Napa Valley's wine-centric Davi skin care. That enthusiasm hasn't worn off, largely due to discovering their fantastic Harvest Mist Toner.

This formula boasts a proprietary mix of extracts from fermented wine, raspberry, black currant, green tea, bilberry, rosemary and olive leaf-a blend that's essential to the toner's anti-aging qualities. But that's not the only benefit in the bottle.

Spraying on Harvest Mist is like spraying on a shield of protection, thanks to its polyphenols, which provide the ultimate antioxidant power.

Additionally, it's an ideal method of making sure your skin is perfectly clean, even after cleansing. Instead of stripping away moisture, like some toners, it actually hydrates. We even like it as a way to refresh dulled makeup in the middle of the day!