A Comprehensive Set Of Super-Supplements

Leave it to Dr. Perricone to take the guesswork out of dietary supplements-never again will we have to wander the vitamin aisle, wondering what will do us the most good. One of the most thorough, easy-to-use products in the N.V. Perricone M.D. range is the 30-day supply of Skin & Total Body Dietary Supplements.

This is such a comprehensive system, providing exactly what's needed most to improve body and beauty-skin, nails, bones, joints and hair-from the inside out. Sealed in no-brainer packets are single servings of eight supplements: one Derma-Glo, one Rejuvenate, one Astaxanthin, one Omega-3, one Skin & Joint Essentials, one Calcium/Magnesium Blend, and two Super Antioxidant Formula.

Is this a little more expensive than drugstore supplements? Yes. But because of the name on the box, you know you're getting the highest-quality, hardest-working, most methodically selected supplements available.