Three Botanical Balancing Mists

Who doesn't love a shortcut? We instantly fell for Naturopathica's new Plant Milk Mists, as they make skin immediately toned and moisturized with one little bend of a finger.

The botanical brand clearly understands that all skin can benefit from homeopathic concentrations of the best essential oil attributes, just as long as they're prepared in type-specific formulas. The Rose Geranium Soothing Plant Milk Mist is ideal for sensitive skin, thanks to its ability to regulate capillary function; the Lavender Honey Balancing Plant Milk Mist keeps oily, breakout-prone skin under control with its astringent, antiseptic properties; and the Rosemary Lemon Clarifying Plant Milk Mist controls sebum, keeping all skin types beautifully even and shine-free.

All three make skin refreshed and hydrated just by spraying whenever you need or want.