A Special Shrub’S Softening Effect On Hands

The berries, leaves and oil of a plant known as sea buckthorn have been used for medicinal purposes in Asia for centuries. Slowly but surely, the rest of the world has begun noticing its amazing healing properties. So if it can help alleviate ulcers and burns, just imagine what it can do for everyday dry skin.

Weleda imagined, and then they put this plant's potency to work in their Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream.

Also packed with organic sesame seed oil, this biodynamic formula infuses hand skin with the antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins it needs to recover from even the most severe dryness.

Sea buckthorn isn't known for tasting great, but in the case of this hand cream, it leaves a fresh, fruity scent. One thing it doesn't leave, however, is a greasy feel. Just smoother, softer hands.