A Week With Chefsdiet.Com: Day 7

Day 7: 111 pounds

I was happy to see I lost another pound this morning. Now I really notice the difference four pounds makes. My pants are sitting a little lower, I can see a little more definition in my arms, and my stomach is flatter than it's ever been.

For my last breakfast, I had a Breakfast Burrito with Picante Sauce and Turkey Bacon. It was pretty good, and I loved how crunchy the turkey bacon got after being microwaved for four minutes.

I was finally able to eat lunch again, and the Braised Beef Cubes with Red Wine, Mushrooms, Tiny Onions and Rich Brown Sauce was quite good. A little heavier than the lunches I'm used to, but tasty nonetheless!

I was looking forward to the Kung Pao Grilled Chicken with Asian Veggie Brown Rice and Tumari-Glazed Bok Choy-I guess it's the Seinfeld fan in me! No complaints here.

All in all, I was very happy with ChefsDiet.com. I dropped four pounds in one week, and I went for my second wedding dress fitting and I'm good to go! At first, I was paranoid I was going to gain weight from eating three yummy meals a day, but they know what they're doing! It really takes all the guesswork out of dieting, so I would definitely recommend this as an easy way to lose weight-and I'm not the only one. ChefsDiets boasts an impressive list of celebrity clients, including Jennifer Garner, Fergie, Kevin Costner and Ivanka Trump.