Getting Lost In Space Nk

Earlier this summer, a UK beauty-store sensation Space NK opened in New York City-SoHo, to be exact. In addition to a fan base that includes Victoria Beckham and Kiera Knightley, this chic apothecary brought along its own line of thoroughly lovely bath and body products.

The luxurious Body Cream is an outstanding starting point, with its botanical oils and waxes that make skin unbelievably soft. But just because you've found a place to plunge in with Space NK's goods doesn't mean you're done making decisions. The fragrances in which the Body Cream is available are as inspired as their names: rose-centric Compelling, beachy Laughter, oriental Soulful, sweetly floral Enrapture, warm Seduction, and neroli-infused Passion. It's nearly impossible to choose just one!

Luckily, partaking in the Space NK experience doesn't require taking the subway to Spring Street. Their entire signature line and more is available at