Freshen Up Hair With A Spray-On Leave-In

Too many leave-in conditioners end up weighing hair down with their hefty formulas. This isn't the case with Ojon Revitalizing Mist. Instead of dousing hair with a dense lotion, you spray on a light-as-air “shake to activate” toning potion.

This mist detangles, softens, and replenishes with a pH-balanced, vitamin-packed solution that seals and protects each hair cuticle. It even helps your other hair products take better.

One of our favorite uses for it has us renaming it “Oh My Gosh I Overslept Mist,” because it instantly refreshes unwashed hair. No dirty-hair smell or pillow-styled coifs ever again!

  • Ciara R21
    Posted on

    I had use a light mist from Shielo called the HYDRATE Refreshing Mist, and I love it because its so light and great for daily misting to get my hair straight and remove flyaways. Shielo Hair products has a great reputation, but I never heard of their mist? So I decided to try it out. I am not disappointed. I find it gives my hair good color when I straighten it. And it is much lighter so hair does not feel greasy or goopy. Go ahead and mist away cause it smells great and perfect size to keep in your bag to freshen your hair throughout the day!

  • Maria T
    Posted on

    I was skeptical ordering the "shielo hydrate mist" for my hair and even more so when I first sprayed it on my hair, but I was pleasantly surprised. It does seem to freshen up your hair and give it a cleaner look. My hair was already "day and a half old" but it was not greasy looking after using, just had a nice shine. It does "wet" the hair somewhat so I do have to blow dry afterwards (where as some re-freshening mists are dry and do not require drying). I even gave a few squirts to my face after applying my moisturizer and it gave my skin a nice soft glow.

  • Posted on

    This revitalizing mist is incredible! Whether you use it on just washed hair or on "next day" hair, this will totally soften and rehydrate your hair!! Ojon also has another product that is a hair mask, the original product of Ojon if I'm correct that does miracles if your hair is prone to frizziness or dryness...definitely a line to try.

  • Posted on

    I LOVE this product. I also get compliments on the smell!

  • Posted on

    Man Ojon really has a strong odor, It would be a great product if they could remove the overwhelming odor.