Healing Oil For A Radiant Face

We already see eye-to-eye with Max Green Alchemy's eco-friendly attitude: they're committed to making cruelty-free goods made with methods and ingredients to help reverse damage done to our planet. So we were automatically on-board when they created a spin-off line called Elemeni, which promises to reverse damage done to your skin in a pure and potent way.

Elemeni's star product is Radiance Face Oil, which is available in normal-, dry- and oily-skin formulas. All three use Chilean rosa moschata-rose hip seed-oil, which has long been known to beautifully heal skin, not only from trauma and scarring, but from aging. This is due to its natural balance of tretinoin and essential fatty acids.

Use this practically magical oil to help reverse photoaging from sun damage, to reduce the look of wrinkles, and to improve the appearance of acne scars. And with type-specific formulations, you can also aid the issues of your kind of complexion.