Create Your Own Perfect Polish

Have you ever wanted to come up with your own nail polish color? Of course you have. So you're going to love, love, love Nailtini. They let you create clever cocktails from their range of Straight Up Colors, Mixers (shade-altering base coats) and Toppers (special-effect top coats), using their website's ‘tini bar. This online “lacquer cabinet” has celebrity fans like Mandy Moore, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria and Serena Williams.

If you're a little overwhelmed by all the options at the ‘tini bar, we recommend trying one of Nailtini's Mini Bar sets. You get four mini lacquers that allow you to endlessly experiment. Our favorite: Bloody Mary You Call It. It lets you find your ideal red by adding or subtracting the Espresso Mixer and the Vodka or Spritzer Toppers.