Make Your Mascara Safer

For many of us, our beauty products hang out for months, sometimes even years. However, a lot of these products don't have a long shelf life once they've been opened. Using expired products can cause infections, irritation, etc. The worst offender: mascara.

One of the most common infections people get from using an old mascara is called conjunctivitis, or pinkeye. Many of my clients would admit that they keep their mascara for a couple of years. This is a major makeup no-no. Mascara is good for four months, at most. Once you open that tube, the countdown begins.

Along with avoiding extended use, there are a few other precautions you should take with your mascara:

1. Never share it. You wouldn't share your contact lenses, right?
2. Pumping the brush to get some extra product can cause bacteria to enter the tube. The extra exposure to air gives germs a better chance to get in.
3. Avoid trying mascara testers at cosmetic counters. Even if you are using a single-use applicator, you never know if the person before you did the same.
4. Waterproof mascara should only been worn for special occasions. Although not dangerous, the ingredients are very drying to the lashes.