The Realities Of Injectable Silicone

You may be hearing about a new permanent filler that is under investigation for lip enhancement and as a dermal filler. Silskin is a brand name for silicone oil that would be considered a totally permanent filler. However, this is not FDA-approved, and anyone considering being the subject for a clinical trial must accept two very clear facts.

First: silicone is permanent. The only way to remove it from the tissue in which it has been injected is to cut the tissue out.

Second: infections, granulomas, redness, bumps and more can develop months or even years after the silicone has been injected. So while your initial results may look good, don't overlook the fact that problems are known to develop later on.

Other injectable silicone names used far off-label for cosmetic injections are AdatoSil and Silikon 1000. These are both FDA-approved to treat retinal detachment. A doctor may offer them to you for cosmetic purposes, but legally, these cannot be advertised. And realistically, it is not in your favor to engage in an experiment that will have permanent repercussions to your appearance.