Forgo Foot Surgery And Fix Your Shoes Instead

Sandal season means exposed toes, and for some women, this is a very stressful issue. Long index toes that extend past the big toe (Morton's toe), crooked or curled toes, or even wide feet have become a beauty issue for some women.

Surgery to address appearance concerns is available, but the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society strongly cautions women who want to alter their feet for aesthetic reasons: the risks of cosmetic foot surgery frequently outweigh the benefits.

What were painless, if imperfect, feet can become very painful after the structure of the foot is altered, not to mention the risks of infection, poor healing, nerve injury, prolonged swelling, and more.

So if your favorite shoes don't look quite cute enough on your feet, you should strongly consider taking the shoes to a cobbler to fit them to your feet rather than taking your feet to a surgeon to fit them to the shoes.