Beauty Products That Take “Herbal” To The Next Level

As soon as I heard about Pangea Organics, I had two reasons for wanting to try their goods. First, the interesting ingredients make for really unique beauty products. Second, the packaging. I know that sounds a little superficial, but it’s actually quite the opposite. All Pangea Organics boxes are made from post-consumer newsprint without dye or glue, and they can be planted to grow the medicinal herbs found in their formulas. Now that some Pangea products have found their way to my desk, the first one I’m going to try is the do-it-all Facial Mask: Japanese Matcha Tea With Açai & Goji Berry. Matcha tea is both soothing and energizing; goji berry provides collagen-stimulating nourishment; and açai ups the antioxidant advantage. Every type of skin can benefit from this deep-cleansing, balancing, exfoliating, moisturizing, detoxifying, regenerating, wrinkle-halting—phew!—mask by using it once a week. Featured on page 26 of the Summer-Fall 2007 issue of NewBeauty.