Timing Is Everything When It Comes To Multiple Treatments

If you're planning a beauty blitz, make sure you consider the timing of all the treatments you have planned. Some shouldn't be scheduled shortly before or after others.

A skincare treatment such as microdermabrasion, a chemical peel or anything that will affect the upper layers of skin should not be performed within a week of hair-coloring, perming or any other chemical process. You risk redness or even burns to the sensitive new skin.

Any laser or light treatment to remove hair, sunspots or to tighten and tone should not be performed after self-tanning, spray tans or any beauty treatment that alters the pigment or color of your skin, including natural sun exposure.

Timing and communication are extremely important in order to avoid unwanted side effects. Call your treatment provider and specifically define the procedures on your agenda. He or she should be able to offer you guidance as to the best time and order for the procedures you're planning.